The discussion of Piatt/Pyatt spellings reminds me of something Lynn White and I discovered and found amusing a number of years ago.
Two Benjamin Piatt/Pyatts lived in Bartholomew Co IN at the same time.  They were approximately two years apart in age.  Likely, they were cousins with Benjamin Piatt being the son of William Peatt and who left his home in VA because he couldn't get along with his step-mother, Mary Smith.  Benjamin Piatt married Ann Carter and lived in or near Columbus, the county seat.  Benjamin Pyatt, possible son of James and Mary Donahue Piatt, and who married Rachel McWillilams, lived in the country a township or two southwest of Columbus.
In the Bartholomew Co IN records the two names are spelled Piatt or Pyatt with remarkable regularity, no doubt to separate the two men one from the other.  But, apparently, the differentiation in spelling was not so firm so as to disallow them (I believe the phrase du jour is) "plausible deniability."  It seems that one of the Benjamins was sued, possibly for debt.  The sheriff was charged with delivering a summons to the defendant.  However, sheriff reported that he had tried to deliver the summons to Benjamin Piatt who stated that it was not for him.  Then the sheriff tried to deliver the summons to Benjamin Pyatt who, likewise, claimed that it was not for him.  The sheriff reported to the judge that he was unsuccessful in delivering the summons and a short check further in the records revealed that justice never was served, at least through the courts.
Submitted by Laverne Ingram Piatt

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