Noble Co IN Deed Book 45, page 240-241

This Indenture Witnesseth That MARY ELLEN PIATT (unmarried) in Consideration of the Sum of Forty-five dollars in hand paid by JAMES D PIATT do hereby Remise(?) Release and forever Quit claim unto the said JAMES D PIATT his heirs and assigns forever all my title Interest and Estate legal and equitable in the following premises with appurtenances Situate in Noble county in the State of Indiana and bounded and Described as follows: The East half of the South East quarter of Section Sixteen (16) Township thirty five (35) North Range Nine (9) East and I the said MARY ELLEN PIATT do also hereby Sell assign and transfer to said JAMES D PIATT a certain legacy given to me by the last Will and Testament of my father WARREN PIATT Deceased of Seventy five Dollars and I authorize the said JAMES D PIATT to receive and collect the same of the Executor of my father's Estate or any other Person who may be liable to pay the same when the same shall become due and I hereby release to said JAMES D PIATT all my right title and Interest in said Legacy under said Will also all my right and title to all real and personal Estate of said Deceased the above Described Real Estate being the lands of which WARREN PIATT died seized leaving as his widow ELIZABETH PIATT and Eleven Children, viz: JANE PIATT who married Clark C Watkins, MARY ELLEN PIATT (the Grantor herein), JOHN H PIATT (now deceased), DEBORAH PIATT, (now deceased) who married William Steinbarger, CATHERINE PIATT who married Henry McHenry, ISABELL PIATT, who married Edwin Osterhout (he who is now deceased) ELIZABETH PIATT who married Emery Shawl, ALEXANDER PIATT, HUGH H PIATT, JAMES D PIATT (the Grantee herein) and JOSEPHINE PIATT who married Alvin Billman being all the children and heirs at Law of said WARREN PIATT Deceased.

In Witness Whereof the said MARY ELLEN PIATT (unmarried) has hereunto set her hand and Seal this 6th day of September 1880.

Attest John Baughman    MARY ELLEN PIATT      seal

The State of Indiana

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