>From The History of North Idaho 1903, Page 831 – 832

In the worthy labors of developing the country and bringing out its resources,
the subject of this article has had a goodly share. He is a man of stable
qualities, enterprising and capable, and is well known for his executive ability
and stirring energy.

Abram M. Piatt was born in Monroe County, Ohio, on April 3, 1871, being the son
of William and Virginia (Truax) Piatt, natives of Ohio. They came to Dunn County,
Wisconsin, in 1882, and there the mother still lives, the father having died in
1883. The mother conducted the farm for thirteen years after her husband’s death
but is now retired. She had twelve children, ten of whom live, as follows:
Margaret, wife of William Chickering, in Knapp, Wisconsin; Alexander, in
Sandpoint; Martin, married and living in Sandpoint; George, married and living in
Clarkfork; Abram M., the subject of this article; David, married and living in
Sandpoint; Julia, wife of William Oldham, in Knapp, Wisconsin; Jennie, wife of L.
Workman, in Sandpoint; Rosa, Ida, both single and living in Sandpoint. Abram
received the major part of his schooling in Knapp, Wisconsin, and when eighteen
started in life for himself. He worked in the iron mines for two years, then on
the farm, in the woods, on the railroad and so forth, until 1897, when he came to
Sandpoint. The first year he worked for his brother and then he took a contract
of furnishing three thousand poles. About this time he took a trip to Knapp,
Wisconsin, and remained for eight months. Then he returned to Sandpoint and has
devoted himself to contracting logs, poles and timbers for the Sandpoint company,
Butler & Company and others and in this business he is still engaged.

On April 3, 1897, Mr. Piatt married Miss Ella, daughter of Samuel and Sarah
(Bowersack) Thatcher, natives of Ohio, but pioneers to Wisconsin, and they still
live in Dunn County, that state. Mrs. Piatt was born there. Mr. and Mrs. Piatt
have one child, Velma. Politically our subject is allied with the Republicans and
is active and interested in this field and the questions of the day.

Written by Emma Piatt Kedish

In 1897, several children of William and Virginia (Traux) Piatt, natives of Ohio
but pioneers of Knapp, Wisconsin, came to the West and settled in the Sandpoint
area. Those arriving in Sandpoint or Clark Fork were Alexander, Martin, George,
Abraham, David, Virginia (Workman), Rose (McKenzie), and Ida (Alcorn) (Drew). The
Piatt brothers worked in the timber industry, as have many of their descendants.

The early settlers and their children (either came here as small children, or, as
most, were born here) are as follow:

Alexander and Rose: Lucy, John, Thomas.

Martin and Emma: James E., Julia Ann (Bishop) (Johnson), William Henry, Luther
Martin, Catherine (Oliver),

Virginia (Bishop), Benjamin, Marjorie (Crissey), Delbert E., Helen Marie (Lepka),
Francis Vivian (Selback),
Frank Humphrey.

George: Vivian.

Abraham: Velma.

David: Clarence, Crystal (Allen).

Virginia (Workman): Howard, Helen.

Rose (McKenzie): Miriam, Cathleen, Lyman.

Ida (Alcorn) (Drew): Thomas Alcorn.
submitted by Laverne Ingram Piatt

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