Provided here is information and links to the Piatt family in the US Census.  Items were searched using Soundex when available, otherwise the following spellings:
Piatt, Pyatt, Peyatt, Piot, Pijet

Records for the name Peet/Peat have not been included, but careful study would be needed to completely rule out each one as possible Piatt connections.

The exact records which have been checked are listed under each year.

Work is ongoing.  If you would like to submit a census search, please email .  Thanks for your help!

1790 1820 1850 1880 1910
1800 1830 1860 1890 1920
1810 1840 1870 1900 1930

William Piatt in Wayne Co, OH
Oregon 1930 (select Piatts)
1945 State Census Index, Indian River County, Florida
Burrard District, British Columbia Census, 1901: Coast District and Vancouver City
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