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 Information on this site comes from many different sources.  When the source is known, it will be listed.  If you see something on this site that belongs to you and you haven't given permission, PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. 

Some information cannot be copyrighted.  Dates, Place Names, information of public record cannot be copyrighted and you may use them as you see fit.  Forms and text of a descriptive nature used on this site are property of the associated contributer. 

Photos on this site are the property of the photographer unless otherwise stated.  In cases where the photographer are unknown it is assumed that the photograph is public domain. 

Linking to this site is not only permitted, but encouraged! 

All graphics on this site are copyrighted.  Unless otherwise specified, graphics are property of triedit.net and are available for use with written/email permission.  Pyatt Crests are copyrighted by Gary Pyatt and may not be used without his express written permission.. 

If you have any questions on concerns, please feel free to contact us

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