The Dynamite Fiend

A Note from the Author---

Dear Piatt Researchers,

I've just published a book that features one of the most famous Piatts, Colonel Donn Piatt, of the Ohio Piatt castles.  Donn Piatt shared a cabin on a transatlantic voyage with one of the most infamous criminals of the nineteenth century, Alexander Keith, Jr., also known as William King Thomas, who was responsible for the deaths of 81 people.  Piatt wrote about his strange voyage with Keith in his newspaper, the Washington Capitol.  The book is The Dynamite Fiend: The Chilling Tale of a Confederate Spy, Con Artist, and Mass Murderer (Palgrave Macmillan), now available in all major bookstores.  I believe it may be of interest to many in the family.
Cheers, Ann Larabee

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