James W. Piatt was born in Belmont county, Ohio, in 1854, and was educated at the public schools of his native county. He came to Pittsburg in early manhood, and in 1879, started in business for himself in the famous old "Tammany Hall" on Third avenue. In 887, he removed to his present location at the corner of Smithfield and Diamond streets, where he conducts a café and restaurant of high repute as a resort for professional and business men.

Mr. Piatt is a Republican in politics, and is always found in line for the "grand old party." He is a regular attendant at County and State Conventions, and a prominent member of the Young Menís Republican Tariff Club and other political organizations. He organized the first Beaver Club tghat was made up in the State.

He was elected to Select Council from the Second ward in 1886, and is now a member of Common Council from the Third ward.

Mr. Piatt is very popular, and has a large personal following, which proves valuable in close political contests. He is liberal, outspoken, and proverbially faithful to his friends.



transcribed by Robin Pyatt Bellamy, 2 May 2003.

Source: All Sorts of Pittsburgers, by Arthur G. Burgoyne, 1892


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