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Newspaper Holdings on Microfiche published before 1835 American Eagle, Easton, PA 5/1/1799-11/2/1805 Easton Misc Newspapers Roll 1
Submast: "Easton, PA - Printed by Samuel Longcope in Northampton Street, next
door to the sign of George Washington"
The front page news was international news; the second page was "domestic"
news from Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Easton. There was very little news
from the interior counties.

" Regular stages from Easton to Philadelphia leave Easton every Monday and Wednesday morning at 5:00 a.m. and arrive in Philadelphia that evening. The return stage leaves Philadelphia on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00 a.m. and arrives in Easton in the evening. Cost is $2.00

" Front page article 10/1799 - Enroll in troops serving under General George Washington now!

" 12/18/199 - Death of George Washington announced. For the next several weeks they ran articles of grief and sadness at Washington's death.

" Letters:
7/10/1800 and 7/18/1800 - Margaret Piatt has a letter at the Easton Post Office.
1/9/1802 - William Piatt has a letter.
8/11/1804 - Daniel Piatt has 2 letters, John Piatt and Abraham Piatt each have one letter
All three received weekly notices 8/18 through 10/6/1804.

Northampton Farmer 1/3/1807-12/31/1808?
1/16/1809 and 1/23/1809 - Notice that Lt. William Piatt has 4 letters waiting for him at the Easton Post Office. They must be picked up by 4/1/09 or they will be returned to the general post office and the Dead Letter File.

submitted by Liz Branstead

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