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 Path Valley, located in south central PA, is a lovely rural area dear to many Piatt researchers.  More information here:

Path Valley Before the Revolution   One article refers to 
  roads leading to Pyatt's (Dry Run, Path Valley)

Migration Trails in Pennsylvannia

Tuscarora Valley Near the Mouth of Milliken's Run

Mercersburg, PA

Walks in Shadows Homepage of an Historical Interpreter.  Photo Gallery particularly interesting

History of the Brethern

History of Greene Township, Franklin County, PA

Martins Mill Bridge (formerly Shindle's Bridge)

Interstate 81 Rehabilitation of Four Bridges, Franklin County, PA

Winter in the Pennsylvannia Hills

National Register of Historic Places, Franklin Co, PA
National Register of Historic Places, Fulton Co, PA

Historic Carlisle Barracks

French and Indian War, Historical Texts:  French and Indian War, Montgomery and French and Indian War, Klees 

Geographic Locations in PA with scanned documents and photos.  Includes many counties in this area.

STILL NEEDED!!  If you have any of these resources or can point me in the direction of them, I would appreciate it!  contact me at robin@triedit.net 

--a current map of both valleys 
  --Scull's 1759(?) map showing "Pyatt's" in Dry Run, Path 
  --the pertinent text of the record for the road which 
  passed by Piatt's in Tuscarora Valley (now Rt 75 from 
  Concord to the Juniata) 
  --the three original surveys of Brice, Harvey, and 
  Arbuckle (Brice survey shows Jacob Pyatt, spelled Pyath, 
  as a neighbor on land which was surveyed later for Harvey) 
  (Tuscarora Valley) 
  --tax lists 
  --text of articles by A N Pomery published about 1898 
  by Kittochinny Historical Society.  Refers to the West Branch of the 
  Conococheague as Pyatt's Creek. 
  --scanned copy of a painting showing a stone arch bridge 
  over the West Branch of the Conococheague near Mercersberg 
   (pending permission) 
  --excerpts from _Pennsylvania Archives_ referring to Jacob 
  Piatt (sr, jr or both) as Indian trader(s) 
  --same from Hanna's _Wilderness Road_ 
  --quotes from the pubished papers of Henri Bouquet where 
  "we came over Tuscarora Mountain in a howling rain and 
  stopped at Jacob Pyatt's on the left hand...." or 
  something to that effect 

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