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 Navigating this section can be a little tricky.  Piatt people come in four catagories:

Master Gedcom (this is a compilation of all submitted gedcoms to this site)
People in the news, sports, business, and the arts (these are links to information about individual Piatts)
Photos of people (these are links to photos of Piatt and related families posted elsewhere on the web)
Graveyard (this is a virtual graveyard of photographed tombstones submitted by researchers, as well as links to transcribed graveyard)

Also see Marianne's Marriage List mirrored on this site.

terry manning
Terry Manning, Pyatt Descendent and Member of Sons of the Revolution 


Master Gedcom last updated Dec 2006
Searchable by surname and individual. Click here to get started. Please note that all Piatt surnames of any spelling have been changed to (Piatt).  This is a user-submitted database, so no information can be verified.  THIS IS NOT A SOURCE DOCUMENT. You are encouraged to use it only to find clues for your own research.

To submit additional people, lines, or make corrections, please email  ***NOTE***  Please do not include information about living people if you do not want them online.  Information is posted AS IS and will not be edited to exclude living persons.

Accepted forms of submission:  Gedcom, PAF files, and text files.


2005 Book featuring Donn Piatt
The Piatts of East Bend Kentucky 1803-1865
Snippets from Various Newspapers
Class of 1932, Kingston Township School, Dallas, PA--features Joseph Piatt
Biography of Benhamin Pyatt, Esq, sheriff of Morgan county
Biography of Abram H Piatt
Biography of Martin I Piatt
James W Piatt, Pittsburg 1882
About Poettess Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt
-----More on Sarah
Rudolph A. Pyatt, Columnist with the Washington Post
Timothy D. Pyatt, editor of Guide to Afro-American Documentary Resources in North America
Seth Ward-Pyatt, Piano Instructor and entertainer (MO)
Poem by Terri Pyatt
A selection of paintings by Joe Piatt
Art by James Piatt
David Pyatt, BBC Young Musician of the Year
John James Piatt, Author
John James Piatt Poem

Lyn Pyatt, Artist, UK
Artwork by Virginia Peyatt Taft
Jack R. Piatt, Jr., editor & columnist
Annabelle Piatt Hart
Allen Piatt

Baseball Player Adam Piatt
Wiley Harold Piatt (Deceased) Baseball Player
Brad Pyatt, UK Football Player
Chirs Pyatt, Boxer, UK
John Piatt (HI) Golf Trainer
Byron C Piatt
PYatts in the American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI)
Barbados Pyatts, 1600-1800
A Tale of Two Benjamins

Graham Pyatt, Electrical Engineer, UK
Steve Pyatt, Systems Engineer, CA
Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, MD
Henry Howe's Piatt's of Ohio
Kerri Pyatt, Model
Scott Pyatt, Brewer (NC)
John Piatt, Alaska Biology Researcher
Ms. Mickie Piatt, (IL) Attorney
Casey H. Piatt, USMC Veteran
Louis R. Piatt, Navy Cross Citation
Eric D. Piatt, ClearCase Specialist (NH)
William C Piatt, CIO, General Services Administration

Linda Piatt, Realtor
Jack Piatt, Millcraft Industries Chairman
Richard A.L. Piatt, Attorney
Jacob Wycoff Piatt, Attorney
Garison E Piatt, Computer Programmer and Screenwriter
LCpl Charles William Piatt, USMC
Harold Piatt, Police Officer
Joseph J Piatt, PhD
Abram M Piatt, Pioneer
Brian Peyatte, Systems Support Engineer
Keith Pyott, Actor, List of Films
David E.I. Pyott, Allergan Inc.
Robert Pyott, Chiropodist 
Sonja J Pyott, Biochemist 
The Conococheague-Piscataway Connection
Elmer Lawrence Pyatt Obituary

Piatts listed in the records of Piatt Funeral Home, Portsmouth, OH

From the Sandusky Register, Sandusky, Ohio23 Oct 1894 Run His Head Against a Wall Muncie, Ind., Oct 22.  . . Pyatt of Colunmbus, Ohio arrived in hereyesterday ith a ticket from Logansport to Cincinnatti.  He became suddenlyinsane and as placed in the county jail.  This morning he attmpted to buttout his brains against the cell all and fatally injured himself.  Pyatt hasa wife and two children. He imagines someone is trying to shoot him.

Glenda's WV Pyatt photo album
alternate link for Glenda's album
Richwood WV 2002 Peyatt Reunion
Piatt Researchers at Conference  2002
Charlotte Piatt, 1895
Nadeau Piatt
Jonathan Pyeatt
Will Pyatt (newspaper article)
John Pyatt fights some Italians
The following photos are curtesy of Carolyn Hart
Wedding Photo of Bejamin Watson Piatt and Rebecca Jane Hendershot
Thurman and Phena Piatt 60th Wedding Anniversary  (with 7 children)
Thurman Piatt in his early 20's
The following photos are curtesy of Tom Pyeatt
Henry Clay Pyeatt 1925
Henry Clay Pyeatt and family
Henry Clay Pyeatt 1880's
Eliza Inks Pyeatt 1880's
Henry Clay Pyeatt 1860's
Sarah "Tomie" Yates 1860's
John Rankin Pyeatt
John Rankin Pyeatt's home in Cane Hill, Arkansas 1998
Daisy Denver Blaekeslee and Lucy Blakeslee Clees
Daisy Denver Blakeslee with Irving L Blakeslee
Daisy Denver Blakeslee with Irving (second photo)
Daisy Denver Blakeslee 1906
JF Blakeslee cabin Idaho Springs, Colorado 1897
Daisy B Pyeatt and children Billy, Daisy, Sammy and Lucy
Billy and Lucy Pyeatte
Pyeatt home in Cane Hill, Arkansas 1920's
Tom Pyeatt 1880's
Samuel Thomas Pyeatt Arizona 1915
Tom Pyeatt's children Billy, Lucy, Sam and Daisy on the way to Missouri 1927
Tom Pyeatt working the homestead
Tom and Laura Pyeatt
Tom Pyeatt University of Arkansas 1907

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