Old Piatt Mill

"On the bank of the picturesque Olentangy, at North Columbus, stands the old Piatt mill , which served the useful purpose for which it was erected for over half a century. for a number of years it was operated by the father of John James Piatt, the well known literary personage. The future poet spent many of his boyhood days playing about the old mill, and doubtless the impressions made by its surroundings found expression in his verse in after days. Some facts concerning the pioneer character, Moses Beers, who is said to have built the mill, appear on a preceding page. The old mill is located at the northern boundary of Olentangy Park, owned by the Columbus Street Railway Company, and one of the most picturesque sports in Ohio." (page 56; amusement parks operated by electric street railroad companies were common in American cities at the turn of the twentieth century. Olentangy Village apartments later occupied the site of the amusement park.)

Text and pictures taken from: The Story of Columbus: Past, Presentand Future of the Metropolis of Central Ohio, Practical Demonstration of its Development by the Reproduction of Rare Historical Photographs (2nd ed.; Columbus, Ohio: np, 1900)

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