The Pioneer House, home of Benjamin McCullough and Elizabeth Barnett Piatt

It was built in the 1820s as the summer home of the couple who wintered in Cincinnati.  The property and "old house" were a part of the will of Gen Abraham Piatt of Castle Mac-A-Cheek.  After the deaths Abraham Piatt and brother Donn Piatt, the home fell into disrepair and was even covered with vines.  The property eventually was purchased by a couple, the Younkmans, who were returning to the home area of the wife.  They planned to built their retirement home there.  But when they discovered the log home under the vines and researched it's history, they decided to restore
the home and open it as a gift shop.  This house was a stop on the Underground Railroad.  Elizabeth Barnett Piatt was the station master and her husband Benjamin McCullough Piatt was a federal judge in Cincinnati who was sworn to uphold the Fugitive Slave Act.  It is thought that he was suspect of his wife's activities and, therefore, sent plenty of advance notice of his arrival at the summer home.  If you can find a copy of the July 1984 issue of National Geographic at the library, this story is mentioned.
information courtesy of Laverne Ingram Piatt

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