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General Places
Piatt Chapel (Ohio)
Pyatt Arkansas History
Burnt Cabins Mill
Piatt Park, Cincinnatti, OH 
The Pioneer House West Liberty, OH
Piatt Castles
Path Valley, PA
History of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church--Mentions James and Jacob Pyatt as Cumberland Presbyterians (Tennessee and Kentucky)
Pyatt's Branch, Guilford Co, NC
Pyatt School (Osarks)
John Pyatt/Martha Allston House (South Carolina)
Piatt County, Illinois
Demolition of Piatt/Grandin House in Cincinnatti, OH
Piatt Meadows (OH) new home site
Piatt Mill, Columbus, OH
Six Mile Run Dutch Reformed Church, NJ
Dunn County, ND
Logstown, PA
Jenny Jump Mountain State Park (NJ)
Allenwood Federal Prison Complex, Rt 15 near Williamsport PA (former Piatt Farm)
Stewart County, TN (Ebenezer Piatt early settler)

Finding Places may be easiest on:
Map of Path Valley/South Central Pennsylvannia
Map of WV, 1895
Map of PA, 1895

Research Places


Fort Wayne, IN Frederick, MD Doylestown, PA
Richmond, VA Washington, DC Pittsburgh, PA
Morgantown, WV Elmira, NY Carlisle, PA
Columbus, OH Mansfield, OH Cleveland, OH
Marietta, OH Frankfort, KY

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completed information on localities
and Piatt individuals who
can probably be researched at these locations

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Fort Wayne, Indiana
Fort Wayne is home to the Allen County Public Library.  The holdings in this facility include microfilm and microfische of county census and vital records as well asDAR information.  There is also a good selection of hardback books and a readily accessible internet option.  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
The Piatt Researchers Conference has been held in Fort Wayne on several occasions.  Lodging options (aside from local hotels) dorm space at Taylor University at an extreemely reasonable rate. Everything from fast food to fine dining is available. Credit Cards are accepted and traditional locations, but not at the library or fast food outlets.  Several shopping malls are also easily accessible.

links:  http://www.acpl.lib.in.us/ (Allen County Public Library)
 http://www.fortwayne.com/mld/fortwayne/  Overview of Fort Wayne
 http://www.piattresearchers.net/fortwayne.gif   Map of Fort Wayne

Richmond, Virginia
Richmond is home to the Virginia Historical Society and the Library of Virginia.  The Library of Virginia houses  books, magazines, newspapers, state and Federal publications; county and city government records, state government records, personal and private papers, genealogical notes and charts; maps, rare books, broadsides, sheet music, posters, prints and engravings, postcards, paintings, sculpture and photographs. From 1896 to 1912, there was no statewide recording of births and deaths. Records of births and deaths after 1912 are available from the Virginia Department of Vital Statistics. The Virginia Office of Vital Records is not equipped to do genealogical research; any such research should be done in the Archives Division of the Library of Virginia, as indicated above. Certified copies of records which are known to be on file by a review of the Archives Division microfilm may be obtained from the Office of Vital Records upon application and payment of $8.00 per copy. Applications for the copies of records must include full names, dates and places (cities or counties) of the events.
Lodging in Richmond includes many hotels as well as dorm availability at Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Richmond and Virginia Union University.  Additionally, it is about 110 miles to Washington, DC from the Richmond area.

links:http://www.lva.lib.va.us/whatwehave/  Library of Virginia
 http://www.vahistorical.org/research/genealogy.htm Virginia Historical Society
 http://www.richmondva.org/Greater Richmond Convention and Visitors Bureau
http://www.piattresearchers.net/richmond.gif  Map of Richmond

Also nearby is Winchester, Virginia, home of the Handley Regional Library
link: http://www.hrl.lib.state.va.us/handley/default.asp

Washington, DC
Washington, DC is home to the US National Archives.  There are regional centers in Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas,  Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington (State).  The NARA (National Archives) has many records that are useful for genealogical research, such as the Federal population censuses, 1790-1920; military service and pension records, ca. 1776-1900; immigration records, 1820-1957; and naturalization records as well as native american records.  Also available and (usually) open to the public are the Library of Congress and DAR Library.

 links:  http://www.archives.gov/index.html  US National Archives
 http://www.piattresearchers.net/washingtondc.gif Map to Washington, DC
 http://www.loc.gov/   Library of Congress 
 http://www.dar.org/library/default.cfm  DAR Library 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia
In addtion to being geographically close to one major location for Piatt ancestors, Pittsburgh offers a variety of libraries.  Note also that it is a one day trip to Morgantown, WV or Monroe Co, OH for those with Piatts there.  Easily accessible from several interstates and a major airport.  Pittsburgh is also home to the Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center which houses the Historical Society or Western PA items.  Carnegie Melon has considerable holdings for genealogists in the Pennsyvannia Department and the Hillman Library at University of Pittsburgh has special collections.  Piatt researchers should also visit the Darlington Memorial Library (also University of Pittsburgh) which was donated by the daughters of William McCullough Darlington.  The focus of this library is primarily Western PA history and French and Indian War.  Nearby Washington, PA is the location of the Citizens Library (est. 1870) which is home to the holdings of the Genealogy Society of SW Pennsylvannia. 

links:   http://www.library.cmu.edu/ Carnegie Melon University Library 
http://www.pghhistory.org/  Heinz History Center 
http://pittcat.pitt.edu/  University of Pittsburgh Hillman Library 
http://www.library.pitt.edu/libraries/darlington/darlington.html  Darlington Library 
http://www.citlib.org/  Citizens Library, Washington, PA 

http://www.piattresearchers.net/pittsburgh.gif  Map to Pittsburgh, PA

Carlisle, Pennsylvannia
As one of the 'home' areas of many of the Piatt lines, Carlisle may hold the secrets you've been searching for.  Don't forget to sift through antique shops in the area as well as the Cumberland County Historical Society and it's Hamilton Library.
links:  http://www.piattresearchers.net/carlisle.gif  Map to Carlisle, PA
 http://www.historicalsociety.com/ Cumberland County Historical Society 

Morgantown, West Virginia

In addition to the Morgantown Public Library,  Morgantown is home to West Virginia University and its West Virginia Historical Society holdings and the West Virginia Collection.  This collection includes census microfilm as well as family histories and and a photo collection.
links: http://www.libraries.wvu.edu/wvcollection/genealogy.htm  WVU Library 
http://www.piattresearchers.net/morgantown.gif  Map to Morgantown, WV

Doylestown, Pennsylvannia

Doylestown, PA is in Bucks County, another major home of east coast Piatts.  The Bucks County Free Library holds a good local history and genealogy collection, including Huguenot pedigrees, by Charles E. Lart, and Palentine Patter, The Palentine Immigrant, and many newsletters from various societies and organizations.  Library also has Massacres of the mountains; a history of the Indian wars of the Far West, 1815-1875. by Jacob Piatt Dunn.  The Aldie Mansion in Doylestown is open for tours.  The Bucks County Audubon Society hosts a free program the first Sunday of every month (rain or shine) called "Honey Hollow History Walk" through the Honey Hollow Watershed.  The Watershed is a National Historic Landmark and the walk will teach about the people who once lived in the area.  The Bucks County Courthouse is in Doylestown, as is Delaware Valley College. 
links:  http://www.mercermuseum.org/  Bucks Co. Historical Society 
http://www.buckslib.org/  Bucks Co. Free Library 
http://www.statelibrary.state.pa.us/  State Library of Pennsylvannia (Harrisburg) 
 http://www.piattresearchers.net/doylestown.gif Map to Doylestown, PA

Frederick, Maryland

Located in Northewestern Maryland, Frederick was a major town in the migration route between Pennsylvannia and Virginia.  The Historical Society of Frederick houses a Museum and Library (closed some holidays and the first two weeks of the year)and the Museum also has some Sunday hours.  Library is  closed Sunday and Monday.  There is a $2 fee for non-members.  The Historical Society Library holds many original documents and genealogies, including church records and an obituary collection. There is also an extensive photo collection.  Also in the Society's collection are published records of Frederick's parent county, Prince George's, from 1692 until 1748, when Frederick was established, and of neighboring counties that were later formed from Frederick (Montgomery, Washington, Allegany, Garrett, and Carroll). The Historical Society Library is staffed if you need assistance.  Frederick County Courthouse is three blocks from the Historical Society location.  The local public library holds many family histories as well as information for surrounding areas and church records. 

links:http://www.hsfcinfo.org The Historical Society of Frederick, MD 
 http://www.piattresearchers.net/frederick.gifMap of Frederick, MD

Elmira, New York

The Steele Memorial Library in Elmira, NY holds many items of genealogical interest including New York State probate records and vital records information for Connecticut. 

links: http://www.steele.lib.ny.us/  Steele Memorial Library 
http://www.piattresearchers.net/elmirageneral.gif General Map to Elmira, NY

Columbus, Ohio
Home to OSU and many other places of higher learning with accompianing libraries.  For birth certificate searches, keep in mind that the Ohio Department of Health houses only the birth records of people born in Ohio from December 20, 1908 to the present. For Birth Records prior to December 29, 1908 contact the Probate Court of the county where the birth occurred.  For death certificates, the Ohio Department of Health houses only the death records of people who died in Ohio from January 1, 1945 to the present.   Prior to December 20, 1908 contact the Probate Court of the county where the death occurred.  For Death Records from December 20, 1908 through December 1944 contact the Ohio Historical Society.  Marriage and Divorce records are housed in the county they occurred in--the Dept of Vital Statistics has only abstracts, and those are after 1948. 

Columbus Metropolitan Library has a BHT (Biography, History, and Travel) division with the following special collections of interest: 
    * Columbus & Ohio materials 
    * Columbus Circulating Visuals Collection 
    * federal, state and local documents 
    * Ohio laws 
    * Ohio name census on microfilm 
    * Ohio county histories and atlases, travel pamphlets & maps 
    * Sanborn Fire Insurance maps 
    * Ohio topographic maps 
    * Ohio Biography File 
    * Columbus City Directories 
These are housed at the Library on Grant Ave. 

Several state and local newspapers are located in Columbus, as are thousands of churches and the LDS. 

The Ohio Historical Society houses the Ohio State Archives in Columbus.   Not enough can possibly be said about the valuable information at this site.  Plan at least one whole day, more if possible.  It would also be advisable to make a specific list of what you are looking for before you get there! 

links:  http://www.ohiohistory.org/resource/archlib/index.html  Ohio Historical Society http://web19.columbuslibrary.org/new/main.cfm?maindivid=731  Columbus Metro Library BHT 
http://www.lib.ohio-state.edu/refweb/refweb.htm  Ohio State University Library System 

http://www.piattresearchers.net/columbus.gif  Map of Columbus, OH

Mansfield, Ohio
Mansfield is the home to the extensive holdings of the Ohio Genealogical Society.  Selected holdings include over 4,000 published family histories, alphabetical by surname, on open shelves, a wall of notebooks alphabetical by surname, photocopies of actual Ohio Family Bible records, giving births, marriages, and deaths, plus an every-name index. Also here are Bible and Family Records in Western Reserve Historical Society, transcription, 8 volumes.
histories of all Ohio counties and villages, transcriptions of wills, cemeteries, marriages, births, deaths - Ohio counties, city and county directories for Ohio 1820 to date,  Cadastrals (land ownership maps) for Ohio counties, including Library of Congress map collection,  Ohio Wills and Estates to 1850: An Index (Bell), plus many county wide indexes,  Early Ohio Tax Records (Powell); 1810, 1825, 1835 Tax Duplicate (Petty); Ohio 1812 Tax  List (cards); 1801-1814 list on microfilm; plus countless county tax publications,  Federal Land Series (Smith); Early Ohio Settlers (Berry); Steubenville Land Office (Bell);  Chillicothe Land Office (Clark); Residences from Land Grant Records (Riegel) and many Ohio Newspaper Abstracts and Microfilms.  Information for other states include large collections for PA, KY, WV, VA, MA, IN, IL, MD; an Indiana Biographical Index (fiche); an Index of Surnames in Early Massachusetts (fiche); the  South Carolina Death Index 1915-1944 (fiche) and  1790 & 1800 Census, all States, plus many indexes.  There is also extensive military, migration, and religion resources here as well as special collections for research in Afro- and Native- american genealogy.

links:   http://www.ogs.org/research/library.php  OGS holdings
 http://www.piattresearchers.net/generalmansfield.gif  General Mansfield area Map

Marietta, Ohio

Marietta was a major crossroads for all families headed west.  Many local churches have records extending back to the 1700's.  The local public library (Washington County Public Library) has extensive Ohio records (including war records), many computer databases and online resources, and a fabulously knowledgeable staff who love to help.  Marietta College Library (Dawes Memorial Library) has extensive special collections as follows: 
Cutler Collection 
Dawes Collection 
Harry Philip Fischer Collection 
Hildreth Collection 
Stephen Durward Hoag Collection 
Marietta College Archives 
Marietta College Library Art Collection 
Records of the Ohio Company of Associates 
Manuscript Collection 
Putnam Papers 
Rare Book Collection 
Charles Goddard Slack Collection 
Rodney M. Stimson Collection 

links:  http://mcnet.marietta.edu/~library/SPC/collections.html  Marietta College Library 
http://www.wcplib.lib.oh.us/  Washington County Public Library 

http://www.piattresearchers.net/marietta.gif  Map of Marietta, OH

Cleveland, Ohio

The Cleveland Public Library is home to a fair source of genealogy information in the History and Geography Division.  The library also has rare publications and special collections.  Also close by is Western Reserve information, primarily at the Western Reserve Historical Society.  Items include census records for the United States, family histories and genealogies, transcribed local records, county histories, and passenger lists prior to 1900. 

Cleveland also has many socities for ethnic and religious preservation, including African-American, Jewish, Russian, etc. 

links: http://www.cpl.org/Locations.asp?FormMode=SDI&ID=7 Cleveland Public Library 
http://www.wrhs.org/ Western Reserve Historical Society 
 http://www.piattresearchers.net/cleveland.gif  Map to Cleveland, OH

Frankfort, Kentucky

links:   http://www.piattresearchers.net/frankfort.gif   Map of Frankfort, KY

Previous Conferences

When available, minutes
from each conference can
be found by clicking on the year of the desired conference.

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Each year, interested researchers meet for a week of hard core research and sharing.  Typically this happens the third or fourth week of June.  A site is chosen and inexpensive accomodations are found, usually at a local college dormatory.  Meals are on your own, but groups tend to go together.  Every evening the group meets to discuss the day and any major finds and new questions that have come up. 

Notes for each nightly meeting are kept in minutes form and distributed to the attendees.  Most are also published on the Piatt-L rootsweb list. 

There is no charge for the conference itself, but meals and accomodations and any extras should be paid by the attending researcher.  Information on the location and accomodations is usually available by February. 

Past research conferences: 
1985 - Ashland College (now University), Ashland OH 
1986 - Washington & Jefferson College, Washington PA 
1987 - Washington & Jefferson College, Washington PA 
1988 - Hood College, Frederick MD 
1989 - St Joseph's School of Nursing, Elmira NY 
1990 - Summit Christian College, Fort Wayne IN 
1991 - Summit Christian College, Fort Wayne IN 
1992 - Mt Vernon College, Washington DC 
1993 - College of Mt St Joseph, Cincinnati OH 
1994 - Marietta College, Marietta OH 
1995 - Dickinson College, Carlisle PA 
1996 - Dickinson College, Carlisle PA 
1997 - Taylor University (formerly SCC), Fort Wayne IN 
1998 - George Mason University, Fairfax VA 
1999 - Bridgewater College, Bridgewater VA 
2000 - Davis and Elkins College, Elkins WV 
2001 - Delaware Valley College, Doylestown PA 
2002 - Taylor University, Fort Wayne IN 
2003-Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
2004-Delaware Valley College, Doylestown, PA
2005-Salt Lake City, Utah
2006-Delaware Valley College, Doylestown, PA



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