Submitted by Sharolyn Pyeatt

These were on microfilm in the Polk County Recorderís Office in Bolivar, Missouri.  Itís pronounced BALL-i-ver, btw.  When I made these copies, it didnít look like they still had the originalsóbut that may have been a misperception.  All I can say for sure is that I was directed to the microfilmed record.

When I pulled this stuff out the other day, I noticed that they indicate that Peter died with a will on file with the county.  But, I didnít get a copy of the original will.  So, Iím not sure whether the recorderís office ladies and I just slipped up or whether the will was in some other place.  Maybe Iíll have to go back.

Listed as Peterís heirs are his children and a few of his grandchildren.  Some of his grandchildren are just listed as the ďheirsĒ of a named daughter, now deceased.  Iím just including 4 of the pages, but there were tons and tons of receipts, etc., but they donít really give any really good information.

Based upon this document, it appears that Peter was not only living in Jackson Twp., Polk Co., Missouri, but that he died there as well. 

Administrators Bond

Executor's or Administrator's Inventory, Certificate, and Affidavit

Personal Property List

Certificate of Witnesses and Affidavit of Executor or Administrator

<> If you have access to the 1880 census their last name has been misspelled.  <>They have it listed as PYEATH  (yes, that's an H on the end).  They are listed as living in Jackson Twp., Polk County,Missouri.  If you check there, you will see that the children, Peter, Jr. & Lena Rebecca are listed as being born in Illinois.

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