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Ye Colonial Kinsmen from Plymouth Rocke to York Towne aka "The Kearney Charts" 

Richard O. Piatt of Pennsylvannia holds the copyright to one of the most valuable reaseach tools.  Fully indexed, "Ye Colonial Kinsmen from Plymouth Rocke to York Towne" is an oversized eight-page chart of descendents prepared by Joseph N. Kearney (unfortunately now deceased) with help from his half-sister Barabara Wilkenson and major research assistance and funding from Dick (above). 

A copies of these charts are still available.  Please send inquiries to

Piatt Family Photogravure Information 

PIATT FAMILY PHOTOGRAVURE is published quarterly for  the exchange of genealogical photographs and available information about the Piatt (any spelling) family.  Jo Piatt Lauer and her daughter Beth, both of Fort Wayne, Indina publish this wonderful resource. 

Subscriptions begin with the February issue and cost $14.00 this year. 
Subscription fees will be increasing for future years due to postal rate increases. 

Back issues are available.  The November issue includes an index for the issues of that year.  They are usually about 10 pages per issue. 

To order a subscription please contact Beth.   Also, queries or photographs for publication should be submitted to Beth Lauer at  balauer@aol.com 

The Piatt Family Newsletter 
(now out of commission but available in some libraries and copies can be purchased) 

The Piatt Family Newsletter was published by Lynn White, a retired civilian Air Force Administrative Assistant at Patrick Air Force Base.  She was also involved with the space progam. This is considered one of the premier resources for Piatt researchers.  She published this newsletter for twelve years and it includes information for thousands of Piatts of all spellings.  Many of you have seen this listed as a source, sometimes abbreviated "PFN". 

Lynn White died in 1998 and is sadly missed.  Fortunately before she died she passed the master copies of the Newsletter to Laverne Ingram Piatt.  Laverne provides these back volumes at the regular subscription price of $15 per volume for volumes 1-3 and $20 per volume for volumes 4-12.  Each volume has it's own index.  Payment is by money order or personal check and the newsletter will be shipped usually within 3 working days. 

If you would like to order the Piatt Family Newsletter, please contact Laverne
Ingram Piatt. 

Comprehensive Index to the PFN

The cumulative index from the 144 issues of Piatt Family Newsletter is now available. This is an index only - 85 pages in a spiral bound book.  It took 2 years to put together and has been checked and rechecked to make it as accurate as

The cumulative index is arranged in two parts.  The first is a Surname index comprising all family names other than Piatt.  The second is the Piatt index including all variations of the spelling. 

Cost: $15.95 (includes mailing to US addresses, packaging and the index) 

Please contact  Liz Branstead at EBranstead@aol.com


Email forwarding with your name and this site address is available for a small yearly fee of $10.00 (US Funds).  You must have a separate email account because if someone emails you at this address it is then forwarded to your
already existing account.  If you have questions or would like to order, contact us. 


Donations of any amount are always welcome.  At this time, these are not tax deductible.  If you choose to donate, please accept our thanks and watch for your name to appear on the "supporters" page linked from the start page.

T-shirts and mugs  (coming soon!)

Navy t-shirts and mugs with white print are currently under developement.  Please watch this space for ordering information.

T-shirt (all sizes) $20.00+shipping of $5.00

Mug  $10.00+shipping of $5.00

(all prices US Dollars)

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