piattresearchers.net supporters

With deep appreciation and unfailing admiration I acknowledge the contribution of the following persons and organizations . Whether their gift be conceptual, motivational, inspirational, financial, or that of content, each of the following have made this site possible:

webroots.org--and my cousin Daryl who so graciously gives us space on their server.
Laverne Ingram Piatt--staunch supporter and dear friend and the reason I got into this mess to begin with!
Marianne Cowan Pyeatt--amazing Pyatt researcher who lets me pirate things off her wonderful site for use here.
Richard O. Piatt--The premier Piatt researcher.  He keeps me on track; well he tries to!
The Lauer Family--A beautiful constant support in this crazy game
Gary Pyatt--for the gracious use of the family crests and the inspiration of his own site, eh?
David C. Piatt--For trusting me to make this a professional project instead of another junk site and for sharing his expertise toward that end
Glenda Peyatt White--my new found cousin who reminds me that not everyone thinks like I do (and that's a good thing) and never stops telling me I'm doing a good job.
Kimberly Lehew--a dear cousin unrelated to the Pyatts who keeps us in mind in her OWN research and sends me smiles when it becomes too much.
Cyndi Howells--my personal idol who redirects me and nudges me gently and teaches me more than she even knows she is teaching.
Doug Bellamy--my wonderful husband who researches and travels with me, is my technical consult, and provides daycare so that I can have a moment or two of peace to put this stuff together.  You are so much more than the guy who pays the bills, babe!
PayPal.com--who takes care of the financial transactions for free!
Numerous Gedcom submitters and persons who sent photos
The subscribers of the Piatt-L mailing list at Rootsweb.com--who give as much as they ask for and then some!

My never ending thanks to all.
~Robin, triedit.net, 2002

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