A Family History of Paternal Roots in West Virginia, Virginia, Southeastern Ohio, New England, and Europe

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The following surnames of direct line ancestors are included in this family history.

Aborn Forney? Mooney Rhodes/Roads Tewksbury/Tukesbury
Atesbury Graves Mosley Rickard Throckmorton/Thogmartin
Barclo Hammerin Nehs/Nease Robinson Thurston
Black Hanks Newsome Roush Tuggle?
Brown Hilton Niles Schler Walker
Butler/Buttler James Oliver Sheppard Wilcox/Willcox
Byrchett Jeffries Pace Simms Williamson
Carpenter Jenks/Jinks Peters Smith Witten
Childers Lightfoot Proffitt/Proffet/Prophet Spencer Woodruff
Davis Lord Pyatt/Peyatt/Piat/Peat Stoneman Yates
Faberia Miller Ramsay Taylor Zerkle

Family events that took place in the following states and counties are included in this family history.

Dekalb County
Gwinnett County

Hancock County

Christian County


New Jersey

New York
Ontario County

Belmont County
Franklin County
Gallia County
Hocking County
Lawrence County
Madison County
Meigs County
Morrow County
Ross County
Vinton County
Washington County

Greene County

Greene County

Albemarle County
Augusta County
Dunmore County
Frederick County
Fluvanna County
Giles County
Goochland County
Grayson County
Hampshire County
King and Queen County
Montgomery County
Orange County
Tazewell County
Rockbridge County
Rockingham County
Shenandoah County
Wythe County


West Virginia
Brooke County
Hampshire County
Jackson County
Kanawha County
Mason County
Mercer County
Nicholas County
Pleasants County
Preston County
Wood County


Family events that took place in the following countries are included in this family history.

England France Germany Switzerland


The following information is provided for the benefit of others who may be researching the family lines included in this family history. Emphasis was placed on providing accurate information for each of the direct line ancestors covered in each chapter. As such, the source of information used to compile the vital information about these family members is provided in the form of footnotes that others may use to continue and improve on these findings. Additions or corrections to this information with source citations or supporting records would be gratefully appreciated by the author.

Less research was done on collateral lines included in this text. However, as such information came to my attention it was included for the benefit of continuing research and to assist others that might be interested in following those lines. In many cases the data provided on collateral lines is from other family researchers for which no primary source might have been provided. This information is also footnoted with the source generally used to compile the data, although not to the same degree or detail as that provided for the direct line ancestors. Additions and corrections to this information is also gratefully appreciated.

My effort is to provide a copy of this family history to the major genealogy repositories in the areas where our ancestors lived so that others may use it to save the many hundreds of hours that I devoted to this project toward completion of their own family trees. It has been an exciting and rewarding adventure.

Terry Edward Pyatt Manning

26 June 2002

Chapter One--deleted for privacy

Chapter Two

Edward William Pyatt

(1926 – 1989)
(Reference No. B)

Birth and Early Youth

Edward William Pyatt was born 8 February 1926 in Follansbee, Brooke County, West Virginia. There is no birth certificate on file with Brooke County. He was the son of William Ross Pyatt and Nellie Virginia Proffitt Pyatt who were divorced within 2 years after Eddie’s birth. [See Chapters 3 and 4 for further information on Ross and Nellie.] Eddie’s parents were apparently living in Brooke County when divorced where his father worked in the local steel mill. Eddie’s father assumed custody of him and his sister, Beulah "Boo" Pyatt. Eddie’s uncle (Ross’ brother), Elmer Lawrence Pyatt helped raise Eddie and Beulah for several years after the divorce, probably as one of the few remaining children left at his parents’ home on Trace Fork Road in Jackson County, West Virginia. Edward is listed in the 1930 census at age 4 with his father in the home of his paternal grandmother, Amy Pyatt, on Trace Fork Road.

At about age 8, Eddie’s father and stepmother, Jeanette ("Nettie") E. Waldron Pyatt, started raising him and his sister with two other children of their own in Vinton County where William Ross Pyatt worked for the Kruger family, one of the largest land holders in Vinton County. Eddie attended school through grade 10 or 11 in Allensville, Richland Township, Vinton County, Ohio.

At age 17 in 1943 Eddie was living in McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio, according to his application for a social security number. He was assigned Social Security Number 295-20-9764. In his application he listed his mother as "Nella Proffit". On his death certificate the name of his mother was listed as "Nellie Kohen", which was his mother’s second husband’s surname.

Shortly after this in 1944 he enlisted in the Army, possibly about the same time that his parents moved to Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, where his father again worked in a local steel mill.

Military Service

His military service was in the U.S. Army (Service No. RA 35237057). His service started with enlistment in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, on 07 July 1944. His first marriage was apparently during this enlistment. He was first discharged 11 July 1946, and re-enlisted 12 July 1946. He was honorably discharged with the rank of Sergeant as a Technician 5th Grade on 09 August 1947. He was assigned to Headquarters 84th Field Artillery Battalion at the time of discharge. He served in Germany during this time. Money he saved from his period of service was used to pay off the mortgage to his father’s farm.

Eddie spent several months in civilian life before re-enlisting in 1948. Apparently during this period of civilian life he managed a restaurant in West Jefferson, Madison County, Ohio, relying on his military experience as a cook. He was appointed Corporal on 12 April 1948 by John R. Hector, Lt. Col., Field Artillery, 27th Constabulary Squadron, APO 225-1, in Landshut, Germany. His next tour of duty was in Tokyo, Japan, and ended about 1952-1953 during which time he married his second wife and his oldest daughter was born. He did not continue his military career because he did not like duty in Japan. He related to his son, William Ross Pyatt, that while serving in Tokyo he would hunt ducks from Tokyo Bay. The ducks were so thick in flight that you only had to shoot anywhere overhead to hit them. He would then sell them or barter them to the local Japanese who were prohibited from owning guns after their surrender in World War II.

Marriages, Children, and Other Residences

His first marriage was to Jane. Her surname is unknown to date, and was not given in the marriage application for Ed’s second marriage. A review of marriage indexes for October 1942 to July 1946 for Franklin County, Ohio, did not identify a marriage record. They were married about 1 year while Eddie was in the service. They were divorced about 1946 when he would not agree not to re-enlist in the Army.

--<this paragraph deleted for privacy>--

Edward Pyatt met Ruth Estell Clemmer in Virginia on a military based after re-enlisting in the service. They obtained a marriage license issued on 02 December 1950 and Edwin H. Hoy married them 02 December 1950 in the town of Charlotte Court House, Charlotte County, Virginia. She was his wife of about 38 years until his death in 1989.<edit>
From 1957 to about 1972 Edward Pyatt and his family were residents of Madison Lake, Union Township, Madison County, Ohio . They bought Lots #23 and #24 on the west side of Madison Lake on 03 January 1957, and sold them on 03 December 1973.

While residing at Madison Lake, Edward bought a 40-acre tract of land in 1966. The family worked on weekends improving the property and in 1972 they relocated to the 40-acre farm in Richland Township (just west of McArthur) in Vinton County, Ohio. Edward resided here until his death. His wife sold the farm in 1991 and bought a home at 209 Spring Street in McArthur the same year.

Occupation and Interests

Edward was employed in the maintenance field for many years with Bonded Oil. His death certificate lists his occupation as maintenance supervisor. He retired at age 55 from Bonded Oil.

Edward enjoyed gardening, playing games, and raising Shetland dogs. His tombstone includes an engraving of a Shetland dog.

Death and Burial

Edward William Pyatt died at age 63 on 20 November 1989 at home and was pronounced dead at the Medical Center Hospital in Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio. This hospital was located closest to his home in McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio. Edward died of acute coronary occlusion. His funeral was held at the Blower Funeral Home and he was buried in the Elk Cemetery in McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio . His grave site is near his father and step-mother’s grave sites to the right of one of the entrances to the cemetery. The Blower Funeral Home was called the Garrett Funeral Home in July 1998.

Edward’s tombstone reads,


FEB. 8        NOV. 20

                                                                             1926     1989
A foot marker reads,




FEB 8, 1926 NOV 20, 1989

Edward’s last will and testament was written 17 September 1982 and was filed in McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio, in December 1989. He listed his residence as a 40-acre farm on Murphy Road (County Road 41 at the southern tip of the Wayne National Forest), in Richland Township, Vinton County, Ohio. The will mentions his wife, Ruth E. Pyatt, and their four children: Edwina Winona Fink, Amy Katherine Caldwell, Virginia Irene Day, and William Ross Pyatt.

Other Research Completed

If born in a hospital near Follansbee, Edward may have been born at Weirton Hospital in Hancock County, West Virginia; Steubenville Hospital in Jefferson County, Ohio; or Wheeling Hospital in Ohio County, West Virginia.

Future Research Projects
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Chapter Two

Attachment A

Grandchildren & Other Descendants of

Edward William Pyatt & Ruth Estelle Clemmer
-->deleted in its entirety for privacy<--

Chapter Three

William Ross Pyatt

(1901 – 1982)
(Reference No. 1)

Birth and Early Youth

William Ross Pyatt, commonly called "Ross", was born 25 February 1901 in Sandyville, Jackson County, West Virginia. His parents were Edward William Pyatt and Harriet Amy Throckmorton Pyatt. [See Chapters 5 and 6 for details on his parents.] Federal census records for 1910 and 1920 listed William in his parents’ household on Trace Fork Road in the Ravenswood District (Sandyville Precinct) of Jackson County. This home on Trace Fork is considered the Pyatt family homestead – the place where Edward and Harriet raised their entire family.

Military Service

Ross had no military service.


William Ross Pyatt was married first to Nellie Virginia Proffitt on 22 December 1922 in Ravenswood, Jackson County, West Virginia, by J.E. Hutchinson, Minister of the Gospel. At that time Ross was living in Sandyville in Jackson County, and she was residing in Ravenswood.The marriage license was issued on 20 December and is on record at the Jackson County courthouse.

They had two children, Beulah and Edward, but were divorced about 1927 (apparently not in Brooke County, West Virginia, where they had relocated to allow Ross to work in the steel mills). There are apparently no city directories for that period in order to determine when the family might have left Brooke County. Ross assumed custody of the children, but they were raised from about 18 months after Edward was born at their grandparents’ home in Jackson County.

In the 1930 census William is living with his two children in his mother’s home in Jackson County on Trace Fork Road where he was enumerated as a widower, which was not correct.

Nellie is my direct line ancestor. <edit>  Nellie was born in Portland, Meigs County, Ohio, on 06 August 1906 and died an inpatient at the Worthington Manor Care Center in Parkersburg, Wood County, West Virginia, on 04 August 1979 at about age 72. See details of her life in Chapter 4.

William Ross Pyatt’s second wife was Jeannette ("Nettie") Ellen Waldron. They may have never formally married, but were at least married in common law from about 1929 until 1981 when Nettie died . Nettie was born 06 June 1913 in Waverly, Pike County, Ohio, and died at age 69 at her residence on 01 September 1981. She is buried next to her husband. Her parents were Alvin Waldron and Ida Baker Waldron. Nettie raised their own two children, John and Alma, as well as Ross’ first two children born by Nellie Virginia Proffitt Pyatt.

Occupation and Other Residences

William gave his occupation as a pickler in a steel mill in the 1930 census of Jackson County, West Virginia. About 1938 William Ross Pyatt was living in McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio. By 1945 he was residing with Nettie at 71 Avondale Avenue in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, listed in the city directory as a defense worker at the Bonney-Floyd Steel Mill. He was listed at the same address until 1965, and shown as a crane operator in 1962 through 1965. He was shown as the owner of the property. In 1957 and later they were shown as having a telephone listing, number CA 4-1877. In 1966 the occupant of 71 Avondale Avenue was Homer F. Seitz, who was not listed as owner. [Seitz is the married name of his daughter, Beulah Virginia Pyatt Seitz.]

While residing in Columbus, William bought 69 acres on 16 May 1950 near Eagle Mills in Eagle Township, Vinton County, Ohio. William either built a cabin or one was on the property. He used this property for hunting, fishing, and other weekend recreational activities. The property was in the area of the Wayne National Forest and was in the far northwestern corner of Vinton County. Eagle Township borders Hocking County on the north and Ross County on the west. The property is located on both sides of Township Road 6. Electricity was not added to the cabin until 1975. William sold 2 of the acres in 1971. He sold the remaining 67 acres in 1981 with the provision that he be allowed to use and occupy the cabin on the property for his lifetime.

While residing in Columbus, William also bought two adjoining lots in Union Township, Madison County, Ohio. He bought one lot in 1954 and one in 1956 – Lots 33 and 34 in Speasmaker’s Second Addition. His family apparently never resided on this property. I did not find a record of his selling this property.

William and Nettie may have relocated to McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio, as early as 26 June 1964 when as husband and wife they purchased a property at 304 Fairview Avenue. They resided at this address until their deaths in 1981-1982. William’s four children inherited the property and sold it in October 1982.

The death certificate for Ross listed his occupation as a sandman in the manufacturing industry and his social security number as 271-14-0528. By 1982 he had returned to Vinton County, Ohio, living at 104 Fairview Avenue where he resided at his death.


Beulah ("Boo")Virginia Pyatt – born 18 February 1924; married Homer Seitz (Homer was born 04 December 1913; died 28 December 1987; buried in Bell Cemetery); and died 17 October 1988. Resided in Wellston, Ohio, in 1982. Buried Bell Cemetery.

Edward ("Eddie") William Pyatt – born 08 Feb 1926 in Brooke County, West Virginia. Married first about 1945 to a Jane (divorced about 1946). Married second to Ruth Estelle Clemmer about 1951. Died 20 November 1989 in Ross County, Ohio. (See Chapter 2 for further information on this direct line ancestor.)

Living – born about 1930. Married a Mr. Cuckler. Had three children. .

Living – lived in Columbus circa 1981 and in southern Ohio in 1998. Marriedand raised six children.

Death and Burial

William Ross Pyatt died at age 81 of cardiopulmonary arrest on 17 August 1982 in Athens, Athens County, Ohio, at the O’Bleness Memorial Hospital. He was buried 20 August 1982 by the James N. Blower Funeral Home in Elk Cemetery, McArthur, Vinton County, Ohio. Ross was a member of the Church of Christ in Christian Union in Creola, Ohio.

William’s tombstone is next to Nettie Pyatt and reads as follows:

1901 ----- 1982
Other Research Completed


Future Research Projects
(none listed)


Chapter Four

Nellie Virginia Proffitt Pyatt (Kohen)

(1906 – 1979)

(Reference No. 2)

Birth and Early Youth

Nellie Virginia Proffitt was born in Portland, Lebanon Township, Meigs County, Ohio, on 06 August 1906. Her parents were James Richard Proffitt of Mason County, West Virginia, and Bertha J. Ellen Mooney Proffitt of Meigs County, Ohio. [See Chapters 7 and 8 for further information on her parents.] Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was President of the United States when Nellie was born.

Nellie is listed in her parents’ household in the 1920 and 1910 Federal Censuses in the Great River Precinct (Lebanon Township in 1920) in Meigs County, Ohio. Her father was listed as a farmer. At age 13 in 1920 she could read and write according to the census. Nellie was almost 11 years old when the United States declared war against Germany on 06 April 1917 and entered World War I.


Nellie was first married at about age 16 (although the marriage application used age 18) to William Ross Pyatt on 22 December 1922 in Jackson County, West Virginia. Nellie’s home county of Meigs in Ohio and that of Jackson County, West Virginia, are located adjacent to each other. They had two children, Beulah and Edward, and were divorced about 1928.

She married second for several years to Esau Kohen. However, Esau did not prove to be a good provider. They either separated or were divorced.

Later she married (possibly in common law) to Esaw’s brother, Brady Howard Kohen. Brady’s obituary states that he was born 27 June 1905 (his death certificate and headstone uses 1904) in Calcutta, Pleasants County, West Virginia, son of Orleana Kohen and Julia Taylor Kohen. He and Nellie were married 15 October 1941. Brady was a veteran of World War II in the signal corps. He worked in engineering at County Memorial Hospital prior to his death. His obituary also notes that Larry Kohen was his son (although one researcher cites Larry as Esau’s son). Brady died following a long illness 24 December 1961 of pulmonary edema due to carcinoma of the lung in Coshocton, Ohio.

Children and Other Residences

Beulah ("Boo")Virginia Pyatt – married to a Mr. Seitz and she died before 1989.

Edward William Pyatt – born 08 Feb 1926 in Brooke County, West Virginia. Married first about 1945 to a Jane (divorced about 1946). Married second to Ruth Estelle Clemmer about 1951. Died 20 November 1989 in Ross County, Ohio. [See Chapter 2 for further information on this direct line ancestor.]

Larry H. Kohen – [No information known at this time.]

According to Nellie’s brother, Carl, she lived in many places in the Ohio-West Virginia area, often with other relatives such as her brother for short periods of time. I have not located her in the 1930 census of Jackson County or Brooke County, West Virginia.

Nellie resided in Coshocton, Coshocton County, Ohio, in 1957 at the time of her father’s death. City directories for Coshocton were not available for review for 1940 to 1954, but those available for 1956 through 1960 (even numbered years only) for Coshocton list Nellie Kohen as a resident with Brady Kohen at 1185 S. 6th Street in 1956 and 1022 S. 6th Street in 1958 and 1960. Nellie was listed as a widow at 1048 S. 6th Street in the 1962 directory and in 1964 at 320 N. 6th Street. No directories were available for review for 1966 – 1974. No Kohens were listed in 1976. The only other Kohen listed in Coshocton while Nellie lived there was her son Larry H. Kohen listed as residing at her address in 1956 , 1962, and 1964.

Occupation and Interests

Her occupation was listed as housewife on her death certificate.

Death and Burial

Nellie died an inpatient at the Worthington Manor Care Center in Parkersburg, Wood County, West Virginia, on 04 August 1979 at age 72. Death was due to a vascular accident. She was a widow at the time of her death. Her social security number was 293-34-2249. Carl Proffitt, her brother, provided the family information used in her death certificate.

She was buried at the I.O.O.F. Cemetery in St. Marys, Pleasants County, West Virginia, by the Ruttencutter Funeral Home. Her grave site is not marked by a headstone, but it is located next to the marked grave of Brady Kohen according to a plot map held by the caretaker. Contact with St. Marys Lodge No. 22, I.O.O.F., did not disclose any information about the couple or confirm that they were actually members of the Odd Fellows.

Nellie’s brother, Carl, arranged for her burial there upon learning that Brady had arranged for the purchase of several plots together where Brady was buried.

The headstone for Brady reads as follows:





JUNE 27 1904 DEC 24 1961

The Parkersburg News published an obituary for Nellie Kohen according to Elmer Pyatt.

Other Research Completed


Future Research Projects


Chapter Five

Edward William (Francis) Pyatt

(1873 – 1923)

(Reference No. 11)

Birth and Early Youth

Edward William Pyatt was born 16 February 1873. He was born in Nicholas County according to his death certificate, but other records use Mason County (according to his marriage record and birth records of his children), West Virginia. Mason County holds more validity since it was derived from personal testimony; however, no birth is recorded in Mason County. His birth date on his headstone is marked 16 February 1873, but other records suggest a later date. His parents were John S. Pyatt and Mary Margaret Katherine Snyder Pyatt. [See Chapters 9 and 10 for further information on his parents.]

Edward is first listed in the U.S. Census in 1880 at age 5 as Edward Peyatt living with his parents in Union District of Mason County, West Virginia. The 1890 population census was destroyed therefore no data at age 15 is available.


A minister of M.E. Church, South, married Edward W. Pyatt and Amy Harriet Thogmartin (sic Harriet Amy Throckmorton) on 22 June 1898 in Ravenswood, Jackson County, West Virginia, or on 21 June as recorded in Harriet’s Bible. The 1900 federal census supports this date by noting that they had been married 2 years. These were the first marriages for both of them. Amy was the daughter of Thomas and Nancy Wilcox Throckmorton [see Chapters 11-12 for details on her parents].

Military Service

Edward was born too late to have been in the Civil War and was almost too old to serve in World War I. The status of his military service is unknown to date. However, one "military" record obtained to date is a signed World War I registration card dated 12 September 1918 for an "Edward Francis Pyatt" born 16 February 1873; 45 years old; living in Sandyville, Jackson County, West Virginia; working for himself in farming; and listing Amy H. Pyatt as his nearest relative at the same address in Sandyville. I believe this suggests that Edward’s given middle name may have formally been "Francis" as a child (since he used it on this official draft registration, but that he used "William" for some reason as an adult, possibly using his grandfather’s name as was done in later generations and had been done in earlier generations.]

Children and Other Residences

Edward is listed in the 1920 Federal Census as E.W. Pyatt as the head of household with his wife, Amy, on Trace Fork Road, Sandyville Precinct, Ravenswood District in Jackson County, West Virginia, where he lived until he died. He is called Edward W. Pyatt in the 1910 census, and was also in the Ravenswood District. The first census he was listed in as head of household of his own farm (mortgaged) was in 1900 as Edward Piatt born February 1873.

The Pyatt property could have been owned at one time by George Washington who owned 20,000 acres awarded to George for his service in the French and Indian War which included much land in what is now Jackson County, West Virginia. Young George Washington surveyed the area and camped near what is now Ravenswood with Iroquois Chief Kiashuta.

Deeds from Jackson County, West Virginia, provide a history of Edward’s land purchases:

Note that we find that in federal census records that Edward’s last name was spelled at least three different ways from his youth to adulthood, and that in land records the same problem took place.

Edward and Amy raised the following family, all of them born in Sandyville, Jackson County, West Virginia:

Nellie Mae Pyatt – born 24 July 1899 in Jackson County, West Virginia; married Harley O. Houchen on 25 December 1918 in Jackson County (he died in 1983); died 18 December 1985 in Marietta Memorial Hospital, Marietta, Washington County, Ohio. They had three children: Paul R. Houchen, Kenneth H. Houchen, and A.E. (Mildred) Houchen (married a Brown).

William Ross Pyatt – born 25 February 1901. Married Nellie Virginia Proffitt 22 December 1922 in Jackson County, West Virginia (divorced about 1928). Second spouse was Jeannette "Nettie" E. Waldron. William died 17 August 1982 in Athens, Athens County, Ohio. (See Chapter 3 for further information on this direct line ancestor.)

Carl Edward Pyatt – born 01 January 1903 (delayed birth certificate) or 01 January 1902. Married Lucy Emmaline Timmons on 03 April 1920 in Jackson County, West Virginia; married second to Audrey Hanner; married third to Dorothy Shrives. Died 15 September 1958 in Mason County, West Virginia, as the result of an accident while felling a tree. Buried in Ravenswood Cemetery in Mason County. Carl and Lucy’s children were Ernest Edward, Hickory Elliott, Adelia B., and Paul.

Mary Etta Pyatt – born in Jackson County, West Virginia, 22 March 1905. Married Otis McLaughlin on 25 December 1920 in Jackson County. Married second to Lester Beagle (born 20 February 1910 – died 23 October 1978). Mary died 27 February 1963 in Wellsburg, West Virginia. Buried in the Kadesh Chapel Cemetery in Wellsburg.

Lucy Venice Pyatt – born in Jackson County, West Virginia, 02 January 1907; married a McKitrick on 10 March 1925 and second Aaron Tennyson Smith on 10 August 1925 in Jackson County, West Virginia (divorced 1940); died 20 November 1987 in Daytona Beach, Florida (cremated - ashes scattered in Coolville, Athens County, Ohio). "Lucy" is listed as a surviving sister of William Ross Pyatt in his obituary, but was not listed in the household of the 1920 census at age 13 – see following note.

[Note: The 1910 census listed five children of Edward, but Harriet Amy was listed as having only 4 living children. The record further showed this as their first marriages. One family researcher believes there was a first wife named, Anna. Also noted is that census records are often in error by reason of clerical error by the enumerator or the family or a neighbor providing wrong or misleading information. Locating other source records will help resolve these issues; however, Elmer Pyatt in 2001 related that his father was not married more than once and that there was only one Evertt born to the family.]

Both Everett/Evertt names are provided here giving the source of that information. There was apparently only one Evertt Pyatt however.

Everett W. Pyatt – died 04 April 1908 in Sandyville, Jackson County, West Virginia, at age 4 months and 4 days.

Evertt L. Pyatt – born 08 December 1908 and died 12 April 1909. Originally buried in Richards Cemetery, Jackson County, West Virginia. Reburied in Mt. Hope Church Cemetery on Trace Fork Road, Jackson County, West Virginia, about 1914 or later when the Mt. Hope Church was built.

Elmer Lawrence Pyatt – born 17 February 1911; married Mabel Rhodes in Ripley, West Virginia, 12 August 1932 at their preacher’s home. Five Children.

Evelyn Ann Pyatt – born 14 November 1922; married first a Shatto and second a Hartley; died after 17 August 1982 possibly in the vicinity of Parkersburg, West Virginia. This child at about age 8 is not shown in the 1920 census data for the family, but a surviving sister, "Evalene" is listed in the obituary of William Ross Pyatt.

[Note: Could Lucy and Evelyn been residing with their newly married sister, Nellie Mae, in 1920?]

Frances Leon Pyatt – born in Jackson County, West Virginia, 13 March 1915 based on a delayed birth certificate (another certificate uses Francis C. Pyatt on 13 March 1914); married Betty Ann Hinzman; died 19 September 1983 at Roane General Hospital in Spencer, Roane County, West Virginia. Buried Mt. Hope Cemetery in Jackson County, West Virginia.

Nathan Chester ("Chet") Pyatt – Born 16 September 1918; died 11 December 1998. Was married several times. Married a Hartley.  Buried 13 December 1998 in Fairview Cemetery, Belpre, Washington County, Ohio.

Occupation and Interests

Census records list Edward as a farmer who could read and write.

He was a member of the Mt. Hope Church of God. In 1920, as a trustee of the church, he accepted a 2 1/8 acre tract of land for the church for $1 from the Hawk family. Edward helped construct the church and is shown in a photograph owned by his son, Elmer, with other church members in front of the frame of the church during construction.

Death and Burial

Edward died on 19 June 1923 in Sandyville, Jackson County, West Virginia, of a duodenal ulcer. He was buried on 29 June 1923 at the Mt. Hope Church of God Cemetery on Trace Fork, Jackson County, West Virginia. He and his wife share a single flat-to-the-ground headstone that reads as follows:



JUNE 20, 1879        FEB. 16, 1873

NOV. 14, 1950        JUNE 19, 1923

Other Research Completed


Future Research Projects

(none listed)

Chapter Five

Attachment A

Grandchildren & Other Descendants of

Edward William Pyatt & Harriet Amy Throckmorton

Ernest Edward Pyatt, son of Carl Edward Pyatt and Lucy Timmons Pyatt, was born 28 February 1921 in Duncan, Jackson County, West Virginia. E.E. Pyatt and Mildred Gorrell Pyatt had a son Robert Lee Pyatt born 07 January 1941 in Ravenswood, Mason County, West Virginia.

Hickory Elliott Pyatt, son of Carl Edward Pyatt and Lucy Timmons Pyatt, was born 20 April 1923 in Jackson County, West Virginia.He married Ilah June Gorrell Pyatt. Two Daughters.

Adelia B. Pyatt, daughter of Carl Edward Pyatt and Lucy Timmons Pyatt, was born 14 October 1925 in Silverton, Jackson County, West Virginia.

Paul Pyatt, son of Carl Edward Pyatt and Lucy Timmons Pyatt, was born and died an infant on 07 October 1928 in Ravenswood, Jackson County, West Virginia.

A son of Elmer Lawrence Pyatt and Mabel Rhodes Pyatt, was born 30 April 1933 in Jackson County, West Virginia.

Emerson Harley Pyatt, son of Elmer Lawrence Pyatt and Mabel Rhodes Pyatt, was born 30 April 1938 in Jackson County, West Virginia, and died 08 June 1938.

As on of Elmer Lawrence Pyatt and Mabel Rhodes Pyatt, was born 03 December 1940 in Jackson County, West Virginia.

Two daughters of Elmer Lawrence Pyatt and Mabel Rhodes Pyatt.


Chapter Six

Harriet Amy Throckmorton Pyatt

(1879 – 1950)

(Reference No. 12)

Birth and Early Youth

Harriet Amy Throckmorton was born 20 June 1879 in Athens County, Ohio, the daughter of Thomas Throckmorton and Nancy Wilcox Throckmorton. [See Chapters 11 and 12 for details on her parents.] In the year of her birth Thomas Edison was credited in New York City with making an electirc light-bulb that would burn for at least 13 hours.

The 1880 federal population census lists her as Harriet at age 1 in her parents’ household in Lee Township, Athens County, Ohio.Loss of the 1890 federal census prevents readily identifying her residence in 1890. She was named as Amy in the 1900 census in her husband’s household in Jackson County, West Virginia.


Amy married Edward William (Francis) Pyatt in Jackson County, West Virginia, on 22 June 1898 (the same year that the Spanish-American War ended). She is listed on the marriage record with her maiden name spelled Thogmartin, apparently a common alternate spelling of her surname.

Children and Other Residences

See Chapter 5 on her husband for details on their children and their residences from 1900 to 1920 as listed in federal censuses.

Following her husband’s death in 1923, Amy remained on Trace Fork until about 1950 when she moved to the home of her son Elmer in Ohio. In the 1930 census she is listed as head of the household with four sons, a daughter, two grandchildren, and her mother in the home.

Occupation and Interests

Amy was a housewife. She could read and write and was apparently a member of the Mt. Hope Church of God where she was buried.

Death and Burial

Amy died on 14 November 1950 on her son, Elmer Lawrence Pyatt’s, farm in Layman, Washington County, Ohio. She was buried on Trace Fork, Jackson County, West Virginia, in the Mt. Hope Church of God Cemetery, next to her husband. They share a single flat-to-the-ground headstone that reads as follows:



JUNE 20, 1879    FEB. 16, 1873

NOV. 14, 1950    JUNE 19, 1923

Other Research Completed


Future Research Projects
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